Top Summer Party Tips

The sun is out and it’s time to enjoy the weather with your favourite people! Because, let’s be honest, summer is synonymous with outdoor fun. By following the 7 tips below, you’ll be sure to throw the hottest summer party this season.


1. Combine Classic Themes with Novelty Ideas

How about going the classic route with a backyard bbq? Food is the focus with this kind of party. So, be sure to feed your guests traditional picnic food like ribs and potato salad. Don’t forget Bahamian staples like baked macaroni and peas ‘n’ rice. Keep the overall vibe comfortable and familiar for guests. This is achieved not only through the food but the event decor. Decorations can be on the more rustic side with the use of elements like mason jars, plaid tablecloths, and paisley print.

When we think summer party, we tend to think beach or pool, but there doesn’t have to be anything cookie-cutter about it. Novelty pool “floaties” are still trending and this year, with unconventional floats like oversize pickles, avocados, flamingos and metallic floats topping the charts. Make the party more intimate with striped decor, rustic beach signs, and communing around a roaring fire (make sure it’s controlled!).

2. Organic + Modern = Super Fresh

Summer requires a more laid-back approach to entertaining. Modern, organic design is casual but still elegant. Apply this approach to your table settings. Flatware, porcelain, and serving dishes are more sophisticated and environmentally-friendly than throwaway plastic and paper table settings.

Design your summer party by combining crisp, white details with natural elements and materials. The atmosphere you create should be relaxed, warm, and inviting, not overworked and fussy. It’s better to take away elements than to add elements when decorating a modern summer party. The outdoors provides a rustic quality to your event already so you can use that to your advantage. Play it up with rustic decor like festoon lights, natural fabrics, and additional greenery.

3. Fringe is In!

In 2018, the fringe trend started to gain in popularity. This year, fringe backdrops are incorporated into more everyday celebrations and would fit in perfectly to accentuate your summer party. This doesn’t mean that larger scale installations aren’t extremely impressive. There are endless possibilities in terms of color combinations and paper styles. You can create something so unique with just a dash of creativity. Have you got any colourful paper napkin, crepe paper, or fabric lying around the house? Get your DIY on and make your own backdrop that you can guarantee no one else has ever seen before.

4. See Right Through You

Acrylic party props are perfect because they look like a big ole’ ice cube! And other than that, they are a great investment because they can be repurposed multiple times in so many different ways. This summer, you’re going to see a lot more parties incorporate this see-through party prop into their design. They can be used for signage, dessert stands, chargers, and more. You can customise these transparent elements to fit with practically any party theme.

5. Fete with Fruit

Using seasonal, local fruits creatively is a great way to bring even more color to your summer party. Keep your health-conscious guests happy with fresh, blended smoothies. Fruit kabobs are a fun way to get curious eaters to try out new flavours all in one bite. Freeze your fresh fruit or even blend up your fruit to make fruit ice cubes to add some fun to sparkling drinks. Add some playfulness to your tablescapes by making your own fruit cases by hollowing out solid fruits like watermelon and pineapple vases and filling them with fresh flowers.

6. Grown-Up Balloons

Balloons are being used in inventive ways to add color, photo ops, and focal points to adult festivities. Create some serious impact with a design that towers over your guests.

Balloons as centrepieces don’t have be boring or childish when you use shapes, fabrics, and florals to your advantage. Use colors in your balloon displays from your color palette as well as complimentary colors and metallics to really make the “floating” structure shine.

7. Comfy and Cool

When hosting a summer party, particularly one outdoors, the biggest consideration is to keep guests comfortable and safe. If you have lots of shady trees or a covered patio at your disposal, save some money and use them! Without investing money in outdoor living areas, simply schedule your party for later in the day when the temperature is cooler. Using “misters” is an affordable option to keep your guests cool with a refreshing mist. Other options include umbrella tents, outdoor fans and gazebos. Have iced tea and water available to guests with sliced fruit and cucumbers to enhance the refreshments.

We hope we’ve been able to take the heat off of planning a summer party! Remember to party in safety - it’s essential to keep your guests cool, comfortable, and hydrated.

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What kinds of parties trends do you think you will see this summer?