10 types of lights to make your event burn bRight

Lighting plays a huge role in an event’s success. However, appropriate lighting is often overlooked in the planning stages. The thing is that light can make or break an event experience. For instance, lights that are too bright are harsh and cold while a poorly lit space can cause guests to miss important features of the overall design. Since lights come in a wide range of styles and price points, we’re going to look at 10 types of light to make your next event burn bright:


1. Intimate Lighting

Soft lighting creates a cozy feel that can bring people closer together. It even has the power to make a small space appear bigger! The first step to getting the lighting right for an intimate, indoor event is to turn those overhead lights off. Low, indirect lighting is a lot more flattering for guests. Replace your lightbulbs with low-wattage bulbs and invest in dimmer switches. Installing these on your table lamps will allow you to control the lighting levels as the night goes on. Make sure to consult a licensed electrician before swapping out the switches yourself. Keep in mind that warm, white light is best for intimate gatherings whereas coloured lighting is much better suited for other settings.

2. Candles

Candles are a great way to create an elegant, romantic vibe while also reducing the amount of energy used. Candlelight is flattering and guests will appreciate that, especially when it comes to taking selfies. Depending on your preference, you can go for real candles or flameless LED candles. The latter are a less risky option if you factor in kids, wind, foliage, and paper decor. When using real candles, always use sturdy bases or vessels (like mason jars). Keep the lit candles away from areas where people may be walking or swinging their arms.

3. Uplighting

Uplighting is a classic event lighting technique that gets more popular everyday. It’s a fabulous way to create elegant ambience at an enclosed event. Uplighting involves strategically positioning lighting fixtures on the floor and then pointing them upwards (hence the name). This kind of light adds dramatic dimension to an otherwise basic, bare venue like conference centres, gallery spaces, and ballrooms. Uplighting also allows you to tie in the lighting color with your color palette. This can create some serious impact when your guests first see the event space.

4. Gobos

Gobos are a really cool way to transform an indoor space by projecting stencilled light onto ceilings, floors, and walls. The term is derived from “Goes Before Optics” or “Go Between Optics”. It’s basically a physical stencil or template placed inside or in front of a light source which is used to control the appearance of the emitted light. These customisable stencils can be shapes, patterns, and even logos.

5. Pin Lighting

Pin lighting (also known as pin spotting) is an excellent option for you if you are looking to draw attention to specific parts of your indoor event. These focused beams of warm white light can transform your decor elements into something magical. Pin lights are projected onto tabletop focal points, like centrepieces or dessert tables. This lighting method can also provide separation to your event space, for instance, in between dark table linens.

6. String Lights

Natural lighting like sunlight and moonlight can sell an outdoor event on its own. But, with some additional lighting techniques, you can have your guests truly gleaming. String lights are a simple lighting system that can enhance both outdoor and indoor events beautifully. There are infinite ways to use string lights at your event. You could wrap them around your balcony for a shining welcome or even string them overhead from pole to pole for some graceful charm. Smaller bulbs can create a more romantic effect. Color makes a difference, too—white string lights add sophistication while coloured bulbs feel a lot more casual.

7. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are on the more whimsical side of the string light scale. These super trendy lights are typically strung on thin copper wire with tiny, bright bulbs. Their size and flexibility make them a versatile lighting option for your event. The delicate lights add a starlit effect to ceilings and wall corners. They can even be used to fill mason jars or wine bottles to create sparkling table decor.

8. Festoon Lights

Rustic-themed parties are huge right now and festoon lights are a great way to complement this trend. These lights can be a more solid lighting option than fairy lights. They can be strung between trees and draped around wooden features to create an inviting outdoor space. They are also a great way to illuminate and highlight different areas of an evening outdoor party like the dance floor.

9. Firelighting

It’s time to build that fire when the cooler months roll around. They provide a delightful warmth and a beautiful luminescence that will have your guests glowing. Firelight is a simple way to create romance, and honestly, it just makes everyone look and feel good!

10. Party Lights

Enhancing high-energy music events like dance parties and concerts is easy when you have loads of party lights to choose from. Party lights come in a wide variety of styles and types that can be used to amp up the excitement of indoor and outdoor parties. From strobe lights to disco balls, lasers to light systems, there are just so many ways to get your party started. An extravagant pyrotechnics show could blow your guests’ minds! Just make sure you have your permit in place and a licensed professional is setting up the show.

Event lighting can be hazardous when safety measures are ignored. Keep those lit candles away from busy areas. Cords should be kept out of the way of high traffic patterns so that nobody trips on them. Lamps and cords should be kept away from sinks. Put out all fires safely and correctly. Use licensed professionals wherever possible.

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What lighting trend are you feeling this season? What’s the craziest lighting application you’ve ever seen?