7 Simple Backyard Water-Fun Ideas

Going outside and playing in water has been the source of family-friendly fun forever! But, who says you have to make a trip to your nearest water park to have the most fun this summer? Bring all of the water-based festivities to your own home with these 7 simple party ideas.


1. Slippin’ and Slidin’

Nothing says “Summertime Nostalgia” like racing down the Slip 'N Slide® in the backyard during summer break. This iconic toy was introduced in 1961 and continues to be a go-to accessory to enhance any backyard party. The water slides come in a range of lengths, widths, and features so you’ll be able to find the perfect match for the size of your event. You can get really creative with the kinds of games you play on the Slip 'N Slide®. But, if you’ve got adult guests, you can play games more geared towards them… Slip ’N Flip, anyone?

2. A Sprinkle of Sunshine

Another accessory that brings back joyful summertime memories for a lot of people are outdoor water sprinklers. If you don’t have a pool, sprinklers are a fantastic, affordable way to introduce water fun in your backyard. Another perk is that they are super-easy to use—just hook it up to your outdoor hose and you’re good to go! Sprinklers have also gone through a bit of a revamp. Gone are the days of just one type of sprinkler (you know the one - back and forth, back and forth…) Now, sprinkler systems come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and characters to make your backyard party that much more unique.

3. Water Fight!!

What’s a backyard water party without a bit of friendly rivalry? A summer party in the summer is the perfect occasion to whip out those water guns. Water balloon fights are another fun way to beat the heat—make those balloons into piñatas for unique decor and games. If latex balloons aren’t your thing, how about giving “sponge bombs” a try? 

4. Inflated We Go

As mentioned in Top Summer Party Tips, pool floats are a great summertime accessory— look cool while you stay cool in these quirky bad boys. If you’ve got access to a pool, beach, or lake to host your summer bash, include floats for your guests to relax on (and take selfies with, of course) and you will be the talk of the town. Floaties come in a wide range of sizes from small enough to hold your tropical drink, to large enough to fit the entire crew! 

5. Underwater Themes

A great way to include an element of water to your backyard party (especially if you don’t have access to a pool) is to design your party around the water. This is perfectly suitable for both children and adults—how you decorate will determine the level of sophistication with the results. For example, the mermaid theme continues to be quite trendy and allows for the use of beautiful shades of pastel and iridescent colors. A shark theme is a bit more subdued but allows for some scary fun especially when it comes to the treats.

6. Nothing Can Stop the Beat

Music is a great way to liven up a party. By using waterproof stereos, you can bring the tracks even closer to you (I mean REAL close—there are stereos that float in water) to keep the party going. The plus about waterproof stereos is that you eliminate all worry about water destroying your equipment, because these devices embrace it.

7. Light it Up!

If your backyard pool party continues when the sun goes down, consider illuminating the pool with a lighting system. You could hire a professional to install permanent lighting fixtures into your pool, or, you could go for floating lights - there are all kinds of the pool-safe variety to add an extra dimension to an evening pool party.

The temperatures are climbing but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an outdoor party. Keep your guests cool, hydrated, and entertained and you will be good to go! For more information on planning you next backyard party, contact the knowledgeable team at Bahamia Rental today!

What kinds of water fun do you like to have in the summertime?