10 Essentials for Making Your College Dorm Room Pop


You just got done with 3 hours of classes, 2 group project meetings, and the caf had nothing good on the menu except BLTs and a mysterious meat they claimed was “Island Jerk Chicken.” Safe to say it was a really long day. On your way home, you stop by the campus center to get some chips to hold you over and make the rest of the trot to the dorm. A sudden wave of relaxation rushes over you as if to welcome you home after a long, weary journey. It smells nice. Your cozy home away from home.


So what elements come together to make this experience happen? How do you setup the perfect dorm room? Here are ten must-have items to get the most out of your personal sanctuary.


#1. Posters


Posters are a great way to display your interests and add more life to a space. Whether it be about movies, music, celebrities, events; anything that interests you no matter how different. They also serve as perfect conversation starters.


#2. The Bean Bag Couch


A brand new couch from IKEA is not exactly in everyone’s budget. So what’s the next best alternative? Buying an awesome bean bag couch can fill in the gap for those who want to ball on a budget. You can find fashionable bean bag couches for low prices if you look well enough, and with the perfect accents and cushions, you can turn a regular couch into the most comfortable and inviting netflix-binging machine.


#3. The Mini-Fridge


Because where else are you going to put mummy’s guava duff that you worked so hard to smuggle pass TSA? The mini-fridge is such a beautiful sight to see in a dorm room. Especially when it’s fully stocked. We all love food, and having a mini-fridge provides a way to store food and drinks to hold you over whenever the caf is closed. And maybe share with your visitors.


#4. Picture Frames


Keep memories of your friends from home and of the friends you just made close with a set of beautiful picture frames to hang on your wall. You can find these at Hobby Lobby, Walmart, or any craft store for very decent prices. Your friends will love seeing them and remembering all the moments you’ve had together.


#5. Succulents


A nice organic touch to your room. These types of plants are easy to take care of, require minimal attention, and add a small yet impactful touch.. Succulents come in a variety of species and are usually pretty cheap, meaning you can mix and match to really make your space pop.


#6. Candle Warmer


The perfect dorm room companion. Candle warmers are able to fill your room with the same beautiful scents as a regular candle, but are not prohibited in dorms that do not allow traditional wick candles.


Our sense of smell is one of the most influential of the body’s senses. It is capable of bringing back long-forgotten memories and even enhancing our mood; making candles perfect for establishing mood and extending positive vibes to your guests.


#7. Fairy Lights/LED Strips


Fairy lights can be used to create interesting illuminated fixtures in your room. The wire for the lights is pliable, and the lights themselves come in various shapes and sizes, giving you a versatile way to decorate your room. LED strip lights are brighter and come in a wider range of colors. They can be used to create backdrops for your TV or your bed. LED strip lights can also come with different settings, allowing you to set a color changing effect to your lights.


#8. HDTV


What’s better than binging on 200 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on your laptop with a bag full of chips and some Chinese food? Binging 200 episodes of Gray’s Anatomy on a flat screen HDTV, a bag full of chips and some Chinese food, of course!  HDTV’s are more accessible now than ever before as technology advances. You could probably even find a used HDTV in really good condition for a great price.


#9. Bluetooth Speaker


Whether it’s for studying, playing video games, as background noise to a conversation, or anything else, music is always perfect for setting the tone. A nice bluetooth speaker and a Spotify subscription can become a brilliant combination.


#10. The Bahamian Flag


The staple of any Bahamian dorm room. Are you really Bahamian if you don’t have one of these somewhere in your room? Show your pride, represent your country, and hang it up somewhere! It’s also a great conversation starter as people will love to hear about the country you’re from.


Whether it’s your first day or your final year, it’s always important to make your residence feel like a home. Work with your roommate if you have one and bring out the hidden potential in your dorm room using these 10 essentials. Remember, wherever you go you are always a Bahamian. Represent!