events & colour: what does your hue say about you?


Have you ever noticed the feeling of excitement and energy you get when shopping during a storewide sale? Or the subdued sense of contentment you feel when enjoying a nice, cold drink in a lounge? The next time you go to an event, look around you. How do the colors make you feel? Excited? Calm? Happy? In this Bahamia Rental blogpost, we’re going to take a look at the radical effects colors have on your event and your audience’s mood.


Colors play a huge role when it comes to expressing emotion. In design, there are two primary categories of colors that are classified as follows:

pastel paradise : An organic mix of soft hues and balanced undertones.

pastel paradise: An organic mix of soft hues and balanced undertones.


Warm Colors (Red, Orange, and Yellow)


Warm colors often evoke feelings of happiness, optimism and energy (fun fact: red can also increase a person’s appetite).


Red is the warmest and most dynamic of these colors as it triggers opposing emotions. On one hand, red can encourage a sense of excitement, passion, and love. It can also inspire feelings of anger and danger. So beware of how you use red at your event!


Orange enhances feelings of vitality and happiness. It has a similar effect on emotions as red, however, combining energy and warmth in perfect synergy with each other. Orange signifies friendship and is a great color to use as an accent in social events or gatherings.


Yellow is the most energetic of all the warm colors. Its high energy will make your guests feel festive, improve their mood, and prepare them for a good time!

Sultry saudi : Bold and Elegant. This blend of colors will surely be a conversation starter

Sultry saudi: Bold and Elegant. This blend of colors will surely be a conversation starter


Cool Colors (Green, Blue, and Purple)


These cool hues are usually used to exude a calm and soothing atmosphere, cool colors such as green, blue, purple, and any of their many variations are used to make guests feel at home. Comfort is the motivating factor here. If you want to host an event that requires the audience’s attention for long periods of time, try to incorporate some cool colors into your event.


Green is used to inspire creativity and positivity. It symbolizes the realization of potential and the endless possibilities around us. It’s the perfect color when you want to host an event for a positive cause or to foster learning and inspire your audience.


Blue is best used in corporate settings. It is the color with the most calming properties and can greatly influence engagement from your audience. Blue can also be used in your events with great flexibility. Lighter shades of blue are very effective in social settings for their friendly and inviting properties while darker shades are excellent for industry events or corporate summits.


Purple is the color of luxury, progress, and innovation. Incorporate different variations of this color create a high-end experience.

Strawberry jam : A bundle of fun with a touch of class.  

Strawberry jam: A bundle of fun with a touch of class.  


Neutral Colors 


Neutral colors help to tone down the effects of other colors that might be too overpowering on their own. This category includes black, white, gray, tan, and brown, and are great for using in the background to help bring your event together. If you are using a lot of bright colors, you might incorporate white, black, or gray so your guests aren't too overpowered by your color scheme. If you are adding texture to your theme, try to incorporate some tans or browns to compliment this. 

campfire : warm and inviting. The balance of WARM and cool colors will set the night on fire.

campfire: warm and inviting. The balance of WARM and cool colors will set the night on fire.


How Do I Use This In My Next Event?


It is always a good idea to use colors within the same category to coordinate your event so that you know exactly which mood you will be crafting for your guests. You can also branch out into other shades and hues in each category to really get creative. For example, the undertones of blue and purple, and bright accents of yellow really took the event pictured above to the next level. The result was a cool yet strangely cozy arrangement that made the tables seem like campfires out in a dark, starry night, and it really helped push their theme forward!


Your event is an experience. The colors you choose are just as important to its overall success as the furniture and tenting you select. In order to curate a truly amazing event experience, take the time to think about your color scheme wisely. We’re sure that it’ll prove to make a big difference at your next event!