7 Seating Options To Perfect Your Next Event

Making sure that your guests have somewhere to sit throughout your event is crucial. So, why is it that choosing the actual type of seating is often overlooked? With some creativity and thoughtfulness, your seating choices can end up being the star of the show! So…take a seat and get comfortable as we explore 7 of the most popular seating options around. Trust us, there is something for everyone!


Poly Folding Chairs

These chairs are sometimes referred to as “Samsonite Chairs” or “Sams” since the Samsonite company was the original manufacturer of the modern plastic folding chair design. Poly folding chairs are the most popular, budget-friendly option for events and are appropriate for any occasion. Their lower-end cost doesn’t necessarily mean a “budget” look either. You can even spruce up each seat by decorating it with fabric or florals. A popular variation of these chairs is the fan-back option. The difference is in the backrest—it is larger (which makes for a more comfortable seat) and features a lovely fan design.

White Resin Folding Chairs

Sometimes called a “white wedding folding chair”, these seats are sturdy and durable with classic elegance. These chairs were made to look like wooden chairs with the same seat design and frame dimensions. Being modelled from polypropylene, these chairs have a more uniform strength than wood. White resin chairs are also weatherproof, UV-protected, and easy to clean which makes them a popular option for beach and garden weddings. White resin chairs are a higher priced item, but this does not necessarily mean breaking the bank - it’s all in how you budget.

Chiavari Chairs

Chiavari chairs are also known as “ballroom chairs”. Distinguished by their horizontal and vertical bars, Chiavari chairs are a popular option for formal weddings, whether indoors or outdoors. Faux bamboo is one of the most popular finishing options, however, they are often seen in natural wood and acrylic resin. These charming chairs also come in an assortment of colors and metallic finishes. What makes these chairs great is that they look beautiful bare but look even more fabulous when dressed up! You could also tie seat cushions to the seats to enhance guest comfort. These chairs are in the medium to high price range.

Ghost Chairs

This transparent seating option is typically made from lucite or acrylic. Also known as “casper,” “phantom,” or “mirage” chairs, they bring a sleek and modern look to any event. The see-through appearance creates an unexpected look with minimalist appeal. They can also add freshness to a traditional, straight row arrangement. They are a great option when you want decorative elements like the floral arrangements or table settings to shine. Ghost chairs come in a variety of shapes, hues, and styles including options with an elaborate back design and cushion for added style and comfort. Expect the price to be on the higher end for these chairs especially if you’re looking at ghost chairs with arms.

Bamboo and Natural Wood

These chairs are perfect for rustic-themed events, but the bamboo chairs are a perfect choice for a tropical themed soirée. They can be left unadorned or embellished for an elevated look. Folding versions of these chairs are a fantastic option for more informal events. They add just the right amount of sophistication without overdoing it. Don’t let the hard surface fool you because these chairs are a surprisingly-comfortable seating option. Natural chairs typically fall within the medium price range, but can be much higher depending on the material and overall look.


These are a good-looking, modern seating option that is ideal for cocktail parties. Whether the party is retro, industrial, or rustic, there’s a barstool that can fit into the theme. Barstools are styled in a sleek and effective way that makes them an easy choice for a cocktail bar table set up or even just a standalone seating option. Barstools are available in a variety of colors and finishes ranging from metal, cushioned, acrylic, and wood. There are even backed options (which are great if you’re considering guests who need that extra support). When you’re planning a cocktail style event, it’s recommended to have seating for at least 50% of your guests to create a balanced look. These kinds of seats are typically on the more expensive side, especially when they are ornately finished.

Soft Seating

Soft seating refers to upholstered furniture or seating with cushions. Sofas, loveseats, King Louis XVI chairs, quilted pods, poufs, and chaises are just a few seating options that fall into this category. These comfortable chairs will enhance your event space, facilitating a relaxed environment which allows guests to network. Soft seating can enhance both formal and more casual events. These kinds of seats come in tons of finishes and colors that can enhance any event no matter what the feel, from minimalist to opulent. They aren’t only an option for indoor spaces—they can also be used to highlight an outdoor event. Mix and match different seating options with alternating statement pillows for a cool, contemporary look. These cushioned seats can be quite pricy and are even more pricy to replace, so be considerate.

There seven options represent just a few of the myriad seating possibilities on offer, not to mention the customisable additions of fabric, florals, embellishments and monogramming. Just make sure to consider all of your options before making your final decision. And that’s why we’re here! So, if you’re ready to get started on planning out how your guests will be seated, check out the seating catalogue at Bahamia Rental and contact our knowledgeable team today to get even more information.

What are your thoughts on the mix and match seating trend?