7 Spring Party Trends

Nothing screams Spring like a Party…  

It’s “the season of new beginnings” folks! What better reason to throw the party of the year? Now, we all know about spring bouquets, tea parties and traditional easter egg hunts, but let’s take it beyond the usual and give your guests something to really talk about. So whether you are planning a baby shower, product launch, women’s empowerment brunch, birthday, or simply celebrating another year on planet earth, here are 7 Spring Party Trends that are guaranteed to put the spring in your step.


1. Subtle Liberace

Discreet Luxury has climbed on the Party trends chart this year. Whether it be a celebrity, event planner, or super host, everyone wants to try this look. Do you still have your 10-year-old housewarming table set? Sure you do! Well believe it or not now is the time to dust off your fine china and glassware. Popular event planner to the stars Sonia Sharmae is heavily promoting unique but subtle glassware. But what is glassware without a table?  Long and winding tables are taking the party scene by storm. Although clients are going for subtle, they still want pieces that make a statement.

longest table.jpg
subtle table.jpg

2. Strong Colors & Balloons

Giant metallic Mylar balloons were definitely an in-thing last year, especially among popular Instagrammers celebrating milestones in number of followers. The trend has carried through to 2019, with the likes of the beautiful Shay Mitchell making an inflatable statement by thanking her 13 million followers. We see the balloon trend moving towards 1970s-inspired orb balloons - the bolder and brighter the better.

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 1.05.14 PM.png

3. Seasonal Flowers

Florals are always evolving as people search for ways to express themselves through their arrangements. Expect to see a return in bright colors this year.  Experts at online florists Bloom & Wild have made their predictions. What they’re saying is that Spring 2019 will be unseasonably hot, so tropical flowers such as Orchids and Hydrangeas are a must have. Dried flowers are also making a splash this spring, especially for baby showers, themed spring events and weddings.

4. Health Nut

Forget the fried wings, peas ‘n’ rice, and guava duff and just move with the times. Nowadays everyone is on a health kick, hoping to get fit and stay healthy.  Alison Awerbuch, Chef & partner at Abigail Kirsch says, “Addressing dietary lifestyles has become increasingly common.” Party throwers want their guests to try new types of food, so, rather than typical cheese-spread sandwiches, why not try some trendy Vegan and gluten-free food items? If you’re a little curious or seemingly overwhelmed by this lifestyle change, try recipe sites like epicurious.com or good ol’ cookbooks to help ease your transition.

5. Crème Remplie Desserts

Last year around this time, the macaron craze was in full swing. Whether you had a sweet tooth or not, you simply could not resist them. This year, macarons are giving way to cream-filled delights. Pastry Chef and author of the “Devil’s Food Kitchen” baking and pastry blog Scott Green predicts that filled choux pastries in all varieties will invade the dessert market.  You can even incorporate a savory salmon or smoked fish filling to spice up the menu and give your guests options.

6. Mocktails Are The New Champagne

As we raise our glasses to funny speeches, and awkward two-steps, this coming spring we will no longer have to worry about the dreadful hangover. Designer Mocktails with exotic ingredients are the latest craze, with merrymakers more conscious of their health and responsible-driving regulations. We encourage you to get your friends in on the action, incorporate fun flavors to your copper mixers and get ready to stir the night away.

7. Birds Of A Feather

This Paris Fashion Week, designers have put their best foot forward and declared which materials, colors and styles to follow. This spring’s looks from your favorite celebs and runways are all about earth tones, organic materials, feathers and khaki according to Harpers Bazaar.  Seventies inspired fringe and retro kaleidoscopic print shirts are also back in style. Why not try out some of these looks for a themed party, or just celebrate yourself with a new look for “the season of new beginnings.”

However you choose to celebrate this spring, do it in style. To find out about planning an event or party rentals, get in touch with Bahamia Rental, the original party-starter…

For All Life’s Celebrations.