Celebrating Father's Day with Irvin Lightbourne

A father is a man who expects his son to be as good a man as he meant to be.
— Frank A. Clark
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With Father’s Day just around the corner, I’m excited to introduce a special guest to Bahamia Beat. He's no stranger to the company and definitely not a stranger in any way to me. Without further ado, welcome Mr. Irvin Lightbourne, CEO and President of Bahamia Rental, a brother, husband and friend, but most importantly my Dad!

Irvin Lightbourne: Thank you, Justin, for having me!

Justin: No problem, Dad! In the wake of this weekend's festivity, we’re talking about Father’s Day traditions - particularly the Bahamian tradition of eating crab ‘n’ rice on this special day, and why has it become so significant? So dad, where were you when you first had a taste of that good ol' crab 'n' rice?

Irvin: I probably was about a little boy when I first sat down and had a meal of crab 'n' rice with my family. The irony of it, is that it wasn't on Father's Day. It was probably just a regular old Sunday with my mum (your grandmother) and my siblings. 

Justin: So it sounds like Granny cooked big meals all the time! You were fortunate! Who do you think started this tradition of eating crab 'n' rice on Father's Day?

Irvin: Honestly, I think it dates it back way before my time. I think because it was the tradition that women would typically prepare Sunday meals, specifically on Mother's Day, men and children would take their wives and mothers out to celebrate and when it's Father's Day, women would prepare a different kind of meal. A meal with that good ol' crab 'n' rice, but that's as far as my knowledge extends.

Justin: That's interesting, though. I wouldn't have thought. So who do you think prepares the best pot of crab 'n' rice: Mom or Granny? 

Irvin: Haha, I won't say whose I prefer but I will say they both make a mean pot of crab 'n' rice! The best you'll ever taste on the island!


Justin: I can definitely agree to that! Which do you prefer to wash it down with: sky juice or homemade kool-aid?

Irvin: I'd actualIy prefer ice cold homemade lemonade (actually, limeade since we almost always use lime) with plenty plenty of sugar.

Justin: What else do you eat it with?

Irvin: Sometimes we have with your fried fish or mutton, and any side can go with it but I'd prefer plantains, potato salad or cole slaw.

Justin: What would you say is your most memorable Father’s Day experience to date?

Irvin: I remember a while back when my brother was working at a local newspaper, he asked you to contribute a letter to a Father’s Day supplement he was organizing at the time. Reading that letter brought about feelings of appreciation because it was affirming to know the work I put in to be a good Dad doesn’t go in vain by the ones that matter the most - my sons.

Justin: Any Lightbourne Father's Day traditions you'd like for us to continue?

Irvin: No specific Father Day's traditions, but I’m proud knowing both of my sons grew up to be Dallas Cowboys' fans like myself. Although, strangely enough, I’m also a Los Angeles Lakers' fans but both of them claim to be “Laker-Haters”.

Justin: Haha, that is strange, but we won't get into it. Final question for you, Dad: what are you most grateful for?

Irvin: My family - I have spent more than half my life with my wife and sons. I consider fatherhood to be my most important job and watching my sons grow up has been the most rewarding and fulfilling experience of my life.


Stay Upbeat

What does your Father's Day traditions look like? No matter if it's a walk along the beach, movie screening, duo football match or even a family gathering where you can mash down on the famous crab 'n' rice, Dad deserves to be specially celebrated on this day! If you're looking to host a family gathering, small or large, Contact Us to inquire about our products and services that can help to make your event more memorable and worthwhile for Dad. 

From all of us here at Bahamia Rental, we extend a Happy Father's Day to you and yours!